The Wedding Experience

We desire to give you so much more than you could ever hope for out of a wedding photographer. Not only are quality, creative images super important, but the experience you have with your photography team matters just as much. The wedding day is only one component in the experience you get with us. We work diligently beforehand and afterwards for you as well. Before your wedding, there will be multiple occasions for you to connect with our team to discuss all of your wants + needs. We also provide a one of a kind service that we call "couples posing prep" to coach and guide you both on how to pose in the most flattering ways so you are confident and comfortable on your wedding day. Our ultimate goal is for the images to look as natural and 'unposed' as possible and this is best achieved by practicing so that you understand the dynamics of proper body language. The great thing about this service is the we actually take pictures... so you get some free engagement style shots! This step is also about building connection + trust with your photographer beforehand and allows you to get a feel for your photographer's posing dictation so that you can read each other better when it comes to the real thing. When you trust your photographer, you're more confident. It's all around a great addition to our wedding photography services that not many other photographers offer and all of this is included in your price.

On your actual wedding day, you will be expertly guided from start to finish. We will do anything we can to provide you with the most luxurious wedding day experience that makes you and your family feel valued, special and loved by our team. There will always be a minimum of two photographers on hand, but possibly even more depending on the size of the wedding.

Our go to wedding style involves two components...

  • Artistically curated shots with creative use of off camera light for a glam, high-end look
  • Natural, emotional connection in the moment shots where you don't even know we're there

Edited in rich, clean colors and skin tones. When it comes to editing, trends come and go. A cleanly edited image will stand the test of time. You won't look back on it in 10 or 20 years and think it looks outdated. This is our goal for delivering your final product!

All edited digital images are returned to you in six to nine weeks with a copy/print release.